Gifts and flowers

All occasions are good for offering flowers; to please someone, for a birthday or for Valentine’s Day, with the sole objective of filling the recipient with happiness on a very special day. Would you like to add a little extra attention to your present? Flowers and chocolates, wine and spirits, teddy bears, etc. All these are unique combinations to show great attention that will make the recipient happy!

What types of flowers to offer according to the occasion?


For a wedding, flowers must be delicate. They are used as a bouquet, in the traditional way. But also as a decorative element!


Bright colours (yellow, orange) that evoke light, life and joy: daisies, gerberas, lilies, snapdragons, daffodils, seasonal flowers…


Go for original and splendid flowers or just the classic rose bouquet: orchids, saffrons, lilies, gloriosas, pink roses, lisianthus, peonies, roses, etc.

Valentine’s day

Passion, desire and burning feelings characterize love. Your emotions will be best served by intense and deep colors, such as red.

Gifts that combine the beauty of flowers with a personalised gift

Engraved vase

Well-presented flowers

A bouquet with its engraved vase

The ideal gift to display your flowers in a pretty vase decorated with a message, a photo or a date.

Personalized gift

To whom do you offer it?

Flowers and a gift with the recipient’s name

Offer a personalized candle, a decorative slate, a photo frame or a personalized cushion. The house will be adorned with unique and original gifts!

Flowers and gifts: dare to be unique!

Many flower suppliers, which can found by the way at Stores Locator, give you the opportunity to add a new dimension to your flower delivery by combining it with a gourmet gift. Champagne, sweets or chocolates. Such a gift box allows you to convey your feelings and your message to the one you love with elegance and distinctiveness.

Personalized gifts for women

For women, going for personalized jewellery is the way towards beautiful surprises!


Personalized gifts for men

Men also like nice surprises, especially when they are personalized!

Personalized gifts for men

The personalized gift for every occasion

We can say that most of personalized gifts out there are ideal for any occasion.

The personalized gift for every occasion

The ideal gift for every recipient

Whether it’s friendly or personal, you can easily find the right personalized gift for each of your relations.

The ideal gift for every recipient

Gifts with photo

Do it in an original, funny or classy way by printing a group, family or couple photo.

Engraved gifts

Engraved gifts offer a very personal dimension to the pleasure of offering something.

Engraved gifts

Flower gift sets

Although a flowering plant or a bouquet of flowers does convey your feelings on any occasion, a selection of gifts invites you to vary the pleasures of giving in order to seduce your recipients. A magnificent rose highlighted by candles, for example, is an excellent gift idea for a couple!

Gifts should correspond to your recipient's taste

Whether you are planning a flower delivery to a home, to a work or to a reception, choose a gift box in accordance with the tastes of your recipients.

Personalized gifts are the best you can offer!

Personalized gifts are unique thanks to their beautiful dedications, pleasant photos, interesting prints and embroideries, all of which come from your heart.