Sushi, wasabi, ramen... The Japanese are known for their original cuisine. Their dishes are so famous that many restaurants specialize in them. Today, there are several throughout the world, especially in France. How to find a Japanese restaurant?

Techniques to find a Japanese restaurant

Although they bloom more, it is not always easy to find a Japanese restaurant near you. The best way to overcome this is to get information on the Internet. You can go to comparison sites, especially dedicated to restaurants. There you will find all the Japanese restaurants nearby. You will also see their contact details, and even some extracts of the dishes they offer. You can also refer to specialized applications for restaurants. The advantage with these is that they provide more detailed information about the restaurant. Some applications, such as Google Map, even allow you to show directions to a Japanese restaurant. Finally, if you have Japanese friends around, there's nothing better than asking them.

How do you identify a good Japanese restaurant?

Japanese cuisine is a delicate cuisine that can only be done by specialized chefs. To recognize a good Japanese restaurant, you have to take into account a few criteria. First of all, the cook: the dishes of a Japanese restaurant must be prepared only by Japanese chefs. No one masters the techniques of Japanese cuisine better than its inhabitants. Secondly, the dishes offered must be exclusively Japanese. If the restaurant offers other Asian dishes, it cannot be considered as a real Japanese restaurant. Finally, observe the nature of the clientele. A good Japanese restaurant must be frequented by Japanese people. Japanese people are very demanding with regard to their culture. If there are so many Japanese customers in the restaurant, it means that it is well known.

Some tips for eating well in a Japanese restaurant

Japanese culture is certainly fascinating, but it is also different from Western cultures. Therefore, when you eat in a Japanese restaurant, you have to follow a few rules. As soon as you enter, the waiter can give you a wet towel. This is used to wash your hand. Also, you usually eat with chopsticks. The way to hold them is quite complex and there are some mistakes you should not make. Rubbing chopsticks together is, for example, a sign of rudeness. If you don't know how to handle them, it would be better to ask for cutlery. Finally, don't be surprised to hear noises when customers eat their soup. In Japan, this is considered a sign of contentment.