To many women, sapphire is their ideal stone for engagement rings. However, the natural stone jewellery from comes in a wide range of varieties, and you must learn to choose what best suits your wife’s taste. Blue is the most popular type. It has a lot of value and looks appealing to the eye. Blue is the colour if you need something you can effortlessly match with any outfit. Whether you intend to buy an engagement ring or a piece of jewel for your wife, this piece helps you choose something your wife will love.

Sapphire’s 4Cs

If you feel that blue gemstone is what you need to go for, there are important things you are supposed to have in mind. There are a lot of things you need to consider when trying to pick the right stone from a dealer. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the things you must know about the stone before making a deal with the seller of your choice. In this bit, we are going to tell you about the 4Cs; colour, clarity, cut, and carat. All these are the features to consider when buying the best quality stone. When talking about colour, we mean the shade of the stone you want to spend money on. From the colour of your ideal stone, you can tell its saturation, hence quality. You can tell whether your stone is of the best quality by seeing of intense or pure its colour is. Note that the higher the saturation of the stone, the better its overall quality. Most of the time, the stone will feature some inclusions, but that is not something you need to worry about. Inclusion is all about clarity, which is the next C we are talking about. In fact, if your stone doesn’t have any inclusions, then you can say that it is not original. With technology, the stones can be made in the lab, so expect to see some inclusions if you are dealing with one that is naturally made. Synthetic stones are not of the best quality. However, the inclusions should not be visible to the eye. An expert is someone who knows how to detect the inclusions, and the fewer the inclusions, the clearer the stone is. The cut is what contributes to how sparkling the stone is. So cut is the next thing you must consider when trying to get the best natural stones for your wife. The cut of your stone is all about the way it was faceted and also polished from the natural rough state. There are different cut grades that your natural stone can be given. It is all about windowing, symmetry, brilliance, and extinction. It is important to know the best cut grade so that you don’t end up purchasing the wrong gift for someone you hold dear. The weight of your stone will always be measured in carats. Essentially, compared to the smaller stones, the larger ones are harder to come by. That is why they have a higher value compared to the smaller gemstones. For example, it is easy to find yellow stones above five carats, while you won’t find blue ones above five carats easily.

How to pick the best blue stones

The first question everyone asks is the shade of blue they need to go for. Colour is indeed the most important thing to consider when choosing the best stone to get your loved one. Velvety blue and violet-blue are the most sought after natural stone jewellery, and you need to consider buying them as a gift for your wife. Medium-dark tones are also great because they also have a high value on the market. You also need to consider your wife’s personal taste when trying to get something she’d love. Maybe you are not quite sure whether blue stones can make the best engagement rings. The fact that they come in a wide variety can only confuse you further. Blue gemstones jewellery is the best things you can ever get someone you love as engagement rings. The blue gemstones are not very uncommon, and you must have spotted them among celebrities in the UK. Initially, they could only be found among British royalties, but things have gotten a little loose these days. In 1940, these coloured stones were way more popular compared to diamonds, but one could not easily own them. But if you had the money then, you could easily buy them as engagement rings. It is true that today, the natural stones are not a norm, but that is the beauty about them. With them, you can have something that only speaks about you, and no one else can easily find. The stones are also highly durable, so your wife can possibly wear them for the rest of her life. Maybe you are not sure why gemstones come at different prices. When you want to buy the blue gemstones, you will first take a look at the varieties available. But once you do that, you will see a great disparity in price, but that happens for a reason. To determine the value, each stone will be graded independently. In that case, it is accurate to state that no two stones are similar, even if they are both blue. Sapphires have different prices, regardless of how minute the difference might be among them. It is also imperative to note that sapphires can come from a wide range of sources, such as the historic Kashmir mines. Such sapphires will always have very high prices because they get attention from some of the richest people in the world. Actually, some buyers place prices even before the mining is complete. So the stones will become available, and their buyers shall have already mentioned their prices. But you can still get the best quality sapphires from other mines across the globe. Actually, to be a smart buyer, avoid dealers who are used to selling to rich folks. The 4Cs are also the reasons why the price varies among the sapphires, so you need to choose carefully once you start shopping for the right sapphires to buy for your litho therapy needs.

Sapphires in jewellery

The world of coloured stones is quite diverse, and you can easily get confused when you begin looking. Sapphires can be used in things like pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and on the list goes. If you are in a romantic relationship with someone, you might want to get her an engagement ring. In that case, you are supposed to get the best sapphire. They have rich blue colour that makes them perfect for making beautiful rings. If your wife puts on a ring made of coloured gemstone, she will get a lot of attention. Sapphires are some of the few stones that have been worn on important fingers, and you can make your wife look and feel special by getting her one. After all, as long as you have the money, you don’t have to be a celeb to put on the sapphires. Regardless of the colour and style, sapphires are beautiful stones, and they are perfect for women. They can be paired perfectly with diamonds and many other types of gemstone to make an incredibly looking engagement ring that people won’t manage to take their eyes from. The internet is packed with a range of options, so you can be sure that there are great, reputable dealers out there. Today, finding the best retailers is easier because you don’t have to commute from one store to another. To make the process simpler and easier, you need to know what you are looking for. On many websites, you will have sections where you can key in your price range. You will then be directed to pick the best sapphires based on your budget. For instance, you can find reputable dealers and search for engagement rings ranging between $500 and $1000. The other advantage of online shopping is that it is way cheaper compared to brick and mortar stores. You can do it from the comfort of your home and still land amazing deals. The only problem is that once you have placed your order, you will have to exercise a lot of patience as your package might take more than a week to be delivered.


If you read the whole of this piece, you know what it takes to get the best sapphires for litho therapy. However, to land the best deals, you should be ready to spend a few bucks more. Fake sapphires are everywhere, and unless you do your due diligence, you might become a victim of fake dealers. Therefore, make good use of the tips shared to spend your money on credible deals. Regardless of the colour and style, sapphires are beautiful stones, and they are perfect for women. They can be paired perfectly with diamonds and many other gemstone types to make an incredible looking engagement ring that people won’t manage to take their eyes from. The internet is packed with a range of options, so you can be sure that there are great, reputable dealers out there.