The opening of a shopping center specializing in fashion requires the coordination of several parameters. These parameters will guarantee the long-term success of the project. Example: the location and targeting of customers, which product to offer or which customer segmentation, and finally, choosing a fashion accessories wholesaler. The choice of a supplier must be made without haste, because a long-term relationship will follow.

What will the store offer?

Before opening the store, you will have to do a lot of communication work and get back to the store. Immediately after the market research, it is important to define its line and what segmentation of customers it will target; middle class, executive or senior manager for example. This definition will allow proposing a line of products or accessories. It is according to this line that one will orient oneself to get closer to a potential supplier. First of all, make a selection and do not hesitate to exchange with them on their production methods or the origin of their product. And even how far they can supply us, under what deadline and what guarantee. Above all, don't neglect quality and price, because the two go hand in hand.


The smooth running of the store relies partly on the supplier, so it is important to have a very special relationship with him. While creating a strong relationship, impose your requirements. That is to say that you have to recognize the quality of your products and not do in lace if the product does not meet your requirements at the time of delivery. Respected your part of the contract and invite you to do the same. Make sure that your supplier is in compliance with the legislation. Registering with the Chamber of Commerce, tax declaration or even complying with health standards for its employees and the goods they offer and which you are going to resell.

The difference

Obviously, whatever the price, quality must come first. It is quality that will be the store's ambassador on loan to customers. The competition is tough and it is the one with the best offer who wins. Therefore, to stand out, each one proposes an offer that he or she considers different from the others. Look at the competition and know how to spot the right vein. At first it may seem trivial, but as the cooperation progresses, it can have a significant impact on your accounting. And avoid offers that force you to get your product back yourself.