Having a clean exterior, a well-maintained and well-designed garden is undoubtedly everyone's wish! However, in order for your garden to become a fully-fledged living space, peaceful and warm, it must be well maintained. To do this, the services of a professional are required. But how do you find a gardener who meets your expectations? Find out what the criteria are for choosing a gardener.

Why use a gardener?

First of all, maintaining a green space and taking care of the plants are important tasks. They therefore require special knowledge. And there's a big difference between removing weeds or watering and caring for your plants. Secondly, like any living space, the garden needs to be maintained on a daily basis. How often this is done depends on the size of your space and the plants you have planted there. This is once a week for some people and once a month for others. And finally, when it comes to your budget, instead of calling on your neighbour, it is more profitable to use the services of a professional whose rates are fixed according to the duration of the contract.

What are the roles of a good gardener?

Professionally, honesty and seriousness are required. On the side of competence, he must have specific knowledge ranging from plant physiology to ecology. And in terms of experience, he must know how to organise his work, plan tasks, and choose what corresponds to the space according to the climate and the needs of the client. Thus, on the one hand, the gardener's role is to help choose the plants (seedlings, flowers, trees or shrubs...) and the appropriate seeds and to plant them properly. On the other hand, he takes care of the management of maintenance including daily or weekly watering as the case may be, weeding, fertilizing.... He also ensures the disinfestation and the maintenance of the soil for a better culture.

Gardener or landscaper

While it is common to call upon a gardener for garden maintenance, to clear brush or to take care of plants, calling upon a landscaper is also appropriate for more specific gardening needs. Indeed, for the latter, the area of activity is more extensive, because in addition to the usual gardening tasks, he can also take care of the design (drawings, plans...) to the realization of your project according to your needs and budget.