Nowadays, the arrival of a new-born baby is a good opportunity to offer a bouquet of flowers. It's true that the baby doesn't know the value of this gesture, but the parents might appreciate it. There is the layette bouquet where you can find all kinds of baby clothes arranged in the form of a floral arrangement. The mother-to-be's colleagues can give her some before she goes on maternity leave. But you can also give her a real bouquet made up of flowers of different types and colours.

Roses and lilies: an assortment that shows tenderness

Is one of your friends having a baby soon? Why don't you give her some flowers to go on maternity leave? You can give her a bouquet of flowers of one or more varieties. We offer a mix of roses and tulips. For these two types of flowers, choose white or pink. White expresses purity, while pink is always fashionable and shows softness. The bouquet therefore brings softness and purity, as well as tenderness, which is much needed by the baby.

Tulips and gerberas in plain or varied colours

The tulip is a seasonal flower, which means that if the mother-to-be gives birth during the spring period, you can offer her some. For the other seasons, think of other flowers. For the colours, choose the plain colour or one coloured with yellow, white or fuchsia. This flower expresses consent. Gerberas, for their part, show joy and contentment towards the mother. These flowers look like daisies, but they are larger, with solid or rainbow colours.

Peonies: ideal seasonal flowers

If your loved one gives birth between May and June, you can offer him or her, a bouquet of peonies. It is a great choice to fill the joy of mothers. Ideally, opt for pale flowers with delicate petals. You can mix peonies with other flowers to make a beautiful bouquet. Of course, you should choose them according to their flowering period. The peony has a very special scent that will increase the couple's happiness with their new-born baby. Also think about visiting websites to find out what other seasonal flowers to offer depending on the date of delivery.