Valentine's Day is supposed to be a perfect and unforgettable moment for lovers, a moment when we offer the person of our life an irreproachable gift. But the choice of gifts is not always easy. There are so many that we don't know which one to take. And even more so if it will please the person we want to give it to. One thing that hasn't disappointed women in all this time, the flowers! Who doesn't like flowers? They are pretty to look at, good to smell, what could be better? But the choice of flowers for Valentine's Day is still a dilemma. What to choose? Roses, why not orchids? What about carnations?

Roses: the flowers of love

Among the various flowers, roses are not unknown to everyone. Besides, roses have never disappointed a woman. Their unstoppable beauty makes these magnificent flowers, a gift that is always original. Pink, red or white, roses will be just the perfect bouquet to mark Valentine's Day. Receiving a rose bouquet on Valentine's Day is like receiving chocolates, for the big fans, a beautiful bouquet with a pleasant scent. Of course, there is a rule to follow when it comes to Rose bouquets. If the roses are less than a dozen, it is advisable to offer them in an odd number.

Orchids: flowers of rare beauty

It is not very common to give orchids as gifts to mark an event. In fact, potted orchids are the most common. However, it is not necessarily in this form that these flowers should be. For a Valentine's Day gift, orchids are also perfect. In the shape of a bouquet, orchids are also perfect for a gift. In pink, offering such orchids is a simple way to express the tenderness that one bears towards a person. The Cattleya orchid is the perfect way to express your attachment to the person receiving it.

Carnations: deep love and faithful passion

It is not usual to offer a bouquet of carnations. However, these flowers have an important meaning especially in love. So what do carnations represent? As every flower has its own meaning, carnations are no less important. Giving a bouquet of white carnations is nothing less than proof of pure feeling. On the other hand, bright red carnations are a sign of deep love and admiration for the person receiving the bouquet.