The arrival of a baby is one of the happy events in a family. Usually, to express their joy, relatives, colleagues and friends of the parents offer flowers. Unless you're an expert in the field, it's hard to find the perfect plant. Here are some tips from a florist.

Lilies and roses

Lilies are distinguished by their white colour, which is a symbol of purity. In addition, the texture and shape of their petals represent delicacy. Because of these two previous points, they are among the best flowers for the birth of a baby. Have you ever thought about making a bouquet? You can use lilies and roses to add a touch of charm to it. Many people tend to offer red roses. It's true that they are beautiful. However, for a birth, it's best to choose pink and/or white roses. These are currently in fashion. Moreover, they represent tenderness and softness. As with lilies, you can create a bouquet for a resplendent result.

Tulips and Gerberas

If you are looking for an original flower for the birth of a baby, choose tulips. The main characteristic of this plant is that you have the possibility to give them to the new-born baby and its mother. Yellow, fuchsia or white, it represents consent. Tulip bouquets are available in the spring. Gerberas, on the other hand, are a symbol of joy. This flower is similar to the daisy. However, it is larger and more beautiful than the daisy. When you go to the florist, don't hesitate to ask him to make a rainbow-coloured bouquet. You can also have a plain coloured bouquet.


Peonies usually flower in May and June. However, you can find them all year round. These flowers for the birth of a baby are among the favourites of parents (especially mothers). That is why it is recommended to choose them first. Experts recommend buying peonies that have pale coloured petals. To make your bouquet unique, why not make a mix of several flowers. You can use roses, tulips, peonies, gerberas, tulips and lilies. If necessary, consult a specialist.