There are a multitude of flowers for marriage proposals. Indeed, it is traditional and romantic to accompany a wedding proposal with flowers. However, it is not just any flowers; some are not suitable for such a moment. Find out the types of flowers for a wedding proposal.

Opt for a bouquet of roses

Roses have always been synonymous with beauty, happiness and above all love. However, a simple bouquet of roses is not enough. It must be symbolic. The bouquet must contain 12 roses. In fact, a bouquet of 12 roses has always been used for wedding proposals. For more beauty, you can add other flowers, such as verbena or ivy.

Choose white, red or pink flowers

You may already know that red is the colour of love. For a proposal, there are no specific rules about the colour of the bouquet, but it would be more romantic if the flowers were red. However, it is best to combine red with white or pink. The bouquet of 12 roses can therefore be made up of the different colours. By combining it with ivy or verbena, a harmony of colours is achieved that will bring more romance to the event. For the white flowers you can choose between antemisia, lily, cosmos or star jasmine. Carnations, pelargonium, poppies... will release love into the air with their redness. Opt for gerbera, rhododendron, night beauty or oleander if you want to add a touch of pink.

Discover the different flowers that symbolize love

This is a marriage proposal. Nothing would suit the occasion more than flowers symbolizing love. Apart from the rose, there's plenty to choose from. Some of these flowers do not go in a bouquet, but could be used as decorations depending on the location of the proposal. Here is a small list of flowers for a wedding proposal: - Tulips are the flagship flower for declarations of love... - The lilac shows sincere love - The hyacinth expresses passion for her sweetheart and fidelity to her. - The camellia has always been a symbol of romanticism... - The azalea, the freesia, the pansy and also the immortal. The list of wedding proposal flowers is still long, but these few ideas will help you live an unforgettable moment. With the beauty of her flowers, it is impossible for your Juliet to refuse the proposal.